Friday, June 2, 2017

No, Hillary, you lost it all on your own

Hillary Clinton gave an interview at the Code Conference this week in which she blamed everyone under the sun for her election loss - the Russians, Wikileaks, Macedonian fake news sites, a British data mining company, the dumb American electorate - in other words, everyone but herself. Her interview was cringe-inducing. This woman has lost her grasp of reality and if nothing else, it proves why she should never have been president. Has she no self-awareness at all? 

I have argued in an earlier post that it was not in the interests of Russia to have Donald Trump elected president of the United States, but if they did try to influence the election, they didn't do a very good job of it. A Stanford University study has shown that fake news probably had no effect on voters intentions. Even Hillary Clinton herself admits in the interview that the emails of DNC Chairman John Podesta's that were dumped by Wikileaks were 'anodyne to boredom' (sic). 

Hillary lost because of herself. She was a stinker of a candidate - an inarticulate, boring, elitist politician who has always had a whiff of corruption around her. She had no credible policy positions, having changed her stripes so often - on free trade, gay rights, health care and foreign policy amongst others - that two-thirds of Americans said they didn't trust her during the election campaign. She had the full support of the legendary Democratic Party electoral machine and the endorsement of almost every major media outlet, political commentator and celebrity in the country.

Trump had almost no support from the mainstream media and commentariat, and he didn't even have the unequivocal support of his own party. He won because he was (in the words of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson) 'pure message'. You mightn't have liked his message, but you have to admit he stuck to it - on immigration, trade, climate change, etc. He bypassed the mainstream media through his use of social media and his hugely-popular rallies all over the country, to communicate that message directly to the electorate, and enough of the electorate in enough states liked enough of what they heard to give him 57% of the electoral college, 60% of the states, and 80% of the counties. And he worked harder than Clinton, doing twice as many campaign events as Clinton.

No one likes a sore loser and Clinton is particularly pathetic with her 'I was robbed' whining. Her political career is over and it is time she stepped aside and let the Democratic Party refocus and rebuild, and to be the responsible opposition party that America needs in the Trump era.

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paul scott said...

Its not just that she "has lost her grip on reality, she is criminally insane
at the level of about 20 Arkancides, and a lot of Puerto Rican children whose foundation money was never meant for them . At present the Emperor has the Comey files to make the next move from. Comey started his career by protecting Clinton from the laundering of cocaine money toward property.
It is important to trap as many of the swamp dwellers as possible including the present head of FBI McCabe, other wise this toxic pool will succeed in handing over America to the most evil people on the planet.
The Russian links are pure swamp drivel.
Of course you have communication with, and make deals with Russia. Nobody saw any Russians at the ballot boxes in Wisconsin.
We can thank God that the internet outflanks the degenerate USA media every day.
Even lowly foot soldiers like me are getting stuff which doesn't appear in public, and is backed up by evidence. Trump is a game changer at a time when it is desperately needed.
All the rest of the world does not equal one Emperor Trump, and unlike Lincoln he will not start the civil war, the progressives are doing that and I can't even get and ESTA pass to get over there with the conservatives ..
The swamp is everywhere, but he is drowning them one by one.
Killary Arkancide's turn will come.