Friday, August 5, 2016

Another Good Man Falls to the Feminazis

So, another good man has fallen to the Feminazis. Kevin Roberts, the chairman of advertising company Saatchi and Saatchi, has been forced to resign for the terrible sin of saying that gender diversity was not a problem in his company (which, incidentally, has a 50/50 gender split) and that not all creative types, men or women, aspire to be chief executives. For these supposedly horrible, discriminatory views, he has been hounded out of his job.

This incident parallels that of scientist Sir Tim Hunt, who committed the equally terrible crime of telling a conference audience in Korea that he had a problem with women in the laboratory because he tended to fall in love with them and vice versa. The fact that Sir Tim in fact met his own wife in the laboratory, where they fell in love with each other, is all the proof that anyone would need that it was a personal joke that he was sharing with the audience, not a commentary on women scientists in general. Unfortunately none of this mattered to the Feminazis and Hunt's spineless employers who destroyed his career while he was on a flight back to the United Kingdom.

The obsession with achieving complete gender equality in the workplace is unfair to both women and men. The reports of large gaps between what men and women earn are very misleading, as this report by Pew Research states. The reality is that women on average are paid less than men for some quite legitimate reasons - they may work less hours than men, take more holidays, take significant breaks from their careers to have children, and aspire less to the most senior (and most stressful) jobs in an organisation. In other words, many women (and men) make lifestyle choices that compromise their earning ability.

The issue is illustrated well in grand slam tennis competitions, which now have equal prize money for men and women. But is that really fair? Men play for the best of five sets in grand slams whereas women play for best of three sets. This actually means that on average men are on the court for twice as long as women during a tournament. Men's games also get more spectators and television viewing audiences, and therefore earn more revenue for the tournament, so in relation to hours played and tournament revenue earned, the men are actually paid much less than the women.

I am a father of daughters and I want to see them get the best opportunities in life, but I think knee-capping men, and pushing women into roles they may not aspire to, is not the way to achieve that. As someone who has worked in senior management for a large multi-national company, I know that such roles are not for everyone. There are many capable women at the top levels of private and public sector organisations, but that does not mean that every female candidate is as capable to fill every role as every male candidate. Individuals should be promoted on their merits, not according to some ill-conceived quota that does not take into account the multitude of personal factors that determine each candidates suitability for the role.

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paul scott said...

In the mid to late eighties the feminazi regime was at its most savage. You could drive along the road and see slogans painted up “All men are rapists”
There were articles in the Press that one woman or girl in four was sexually molested by a man [ not a stranger ]. They had telethons about it to raise money. They had more photos in the paper of evil looking men leaning over their children in bed.
The mental health foundation said we were even worse than the feminazi claims.
It was hysteria.
Matrimonial breakdown saw women automatically denoted the necessary caregiver / custodial parent / and it was common practice to accuse the man of being violent /
Alcoholic/ and often sexually abusive of the children.
Those claims were accepted on the basis of risk prevention and men were destroyed.

I joined the men’s movement. It was insane. One man we knew committed suicide.
We were told that even to defend a matrimonial case was abuse in itself.
When we had new recruits in to help, I squeezed a promise out of them, they would only stay in for three years then get out.
After a while Judges began to find out that overseas research showed that that families without fathers were catastrophic in many cases.
Until then they would blithely tell us that a man was an extra in a family.
You may find all this hard to believe, but I assure you it was true.
The Minister of Justice listened to me and others about the family court shambles, and man wrecking.
They changed the law so there was no preferred parent for the children, and Judges started giving dual custody. I helped about three blokes get custody, but it was only when the woman was absolutely hopeless.

You may have heard of the Christchurch Creche case. One man and 5 women ware accused of sexually molesting children.
The feminist movement had its tentacles deep inside mental health and clap trap psycho Counselors.
The women were quickly relieved of charges so the full force of the insanity could fall on one man Peter Ellis. The charges were patently absurd and fanciful.
A woman called Lynley Hood wrote a book about it called called A City possessed.
The Government has never pardoned Ellis. It was a brutal misacarriage of Justice

You can thank the stars that your girls are in this new part of history.