Monday, June 13, 2016

Some thoughts on Islam post-Orlando

Recently I wrote about Islam and the insight I had gained into that faith from the books of Tom Holland and Michael Houellebecq. I have thought some more about what I had learned from those books in light of the massacre in Orlando.

It is claimed that Islam is a religion of peace but I think Muslims mean that only in the sense that if you submit to Allah, you will be at peace. The Koran exhorts its followers to holy war - jihad - until all have been converted or killed.

The opposite of submission is emancipation. Having fought for hundreds of years to emancipate every section of Western society, are we going to give it all up in appeasement and submission?

In the hierarchy of victimhood, being Muslim now appears to trump being gay, black or female. Who gets to choose on which of these we compromise?

Islam is not a religion of live and let live, which is the essence of the classical liberalism that led to the freedom and prosperity that we enjoy in the West. Islam is a package deal but it seems that Western liberalism isn't.

We cannot make physical war on a philosophy - only on its agents. We must fight the philosophy philosophically.

Finally, if Islamophobia means fear of Islam - given New York, London, Boston, Paris, Brussels, Orlando and all the other massacres carried out by the fanatics of that religion - is that fear really a bad thing?

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