Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why Trump May (Very Likely) Become President 2

Well, what do you know? Trump has pretty much cleaned up on Super Tuesday. This was in spite of all the very considered commentary in the so-called liberal media about how he is such a racist! And sexist! And a fascist! There were particularly fine examples of American journalism from the New York Times and the Washington Post with their exposés about Trump's Ku Klux Klan affiliations and his very short fingers. The next thing they will be saying is that The Donald causes Zika virus.

I am sure that every time the New York Times runs another of their pathetic op-ed pieces against Donald Trump, the subject of their insults smiles to himself because he knows this is precisely why so many people support him. Many Americans have had enough of the cosy East Coast, left-liberal, media-savvy, political establishment telling them how to think. They have been labelled racist, sexist and fascist themselves so many times they have come to regard the terms as badges of honour. They feel their country has lost its way and while they don't know exactly why, they know the current cosy political establishment-media-crony business alliance are to blame, and they're out for blood. Offered the choice of another Bush or a younger, Hispanic version of Mitt Romney, and on the other side of the ledger the choice of a barefaced liar or a deluded, nonagenarian Socialist, Donald Trump starts to look pretty attractive. And so long as everyone is calling him names rather than debating the issues, Trump's will continue to waltz his way towards the Oval Office.

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