Monday, August 13, 2012

8 Best Aspects of the Olympics

The 30th Olympiad has ended and having earlier set out the 8 worst aspects of the Games, I'd like to close my blogging on the subject on a more positive note - the 8 best aspects:
  1. The superlative personal efforts of the athletes
  2. The keen interest and sportsmanship of the largely British crowd towards all competitors
  3. Handball - what a great game!
  4. Usain Bolt - for his strutting, immodest joy at winning
  5. Lisa Carrington - for her gracious, modest joy at winning
  6. The British medal tally - a sterling effort from a country that used to be joke for its constant sporting failures
  7. The volunteers that carried out all manner of menial support tasks
  8. The unabashed celebration of the best at time that Western society tries to pretend we are all equal.

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