Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs was the "factory owner"

I think the greatest tribute I can make to Steve Jobs was to say that he was the factory owner I wrote about in the blog below. Okay, I know the iPhone and iPod manufacturing was outsourced to factories in China, but he was the man whose vision created the products and brought them to market.

He was also the man who, when it was suggested that he should give the rest of his life over to philanthropy was reported to have responded that "he could do more good focusing his energy on continuing to expand Apple than on philanthropy".

"That’s his legacy. Everything else is a distraction."

He understood, unlike Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Ted Turner, that his products and services would do far more for mankind than any philanthropy.

It is paradoxical that so much praise for this wonderful industrialist comes at the same time as the political left wing and media vilify his kind.

The Elizabeth Warrens of this world who want to pull us all down to the same size, to make us meek and mild servants of society and the state, in effect want a world without Steve Jobs. I am pleased we still have a world that can give rise to his kind.

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