Friday, September 23, 2011

Piss Off and Leave Us Alone

Not PC wrote a post the other day about the small-minded puritan streak coming out in the New Zealand authorities' attitudes to the Rugby World Cup celebrations. It appears officials are concerned that people are enjoying themselves too much.

Another example of this silly nanny-ism is this article about Police concern regarding the flying of All Black flags on cars. The article says the Police are worried about the "potential for carnage". For god's sake, where is their perspective? Haven't the police in this country got better things to worry about? How many people have ever been killed in this country by flags on cars? Zero, at a guess.

A word to the Government and the bureaucratic busybodies in this country who think they have the responsibility to keep us safe by killing off every pleasure we might indulge in: we don't need your protection, so piss off and leave us alone to enjoy ourselves.