Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cyclist nomination for Darwin Awards

I ride a scooter to work regularly and I take my bicycle into the city centre on occasions so I am aware of the challenges for those on two wheels using city streets. But today I am going to have a rant about cyclists that are so stupid they should be nominated for the Darwin Awards. Let me tell you about one such idiot.

Yesterday when I was driving my car through the city I came to a 'T" intersection. There was a pedestrian crossing at the threshold of the intersection and I stop to let someone cross. I needed to turn left immediately after the crossing so I had my left indicator flashing. A line of cars formed behind me while we waited for the elderly lady to cross. When she had made it to the other side, I started to execute my left turn. At that moment, a cyclist screeched to a halt on the inside of my car, narrowly missing my passenger door. He then had the audacity to loudly scream abuse at me. Naturally, not being a reticent sort, I gave as good as I got, pointing out to him:

1) He had illegally overtaken on the left (we drive on the left in New Zealand) on a single carriageway road.

2) He had illegally overtaken on a pedestrian crossing.

3) I had been indicating a left turn.

4) Due to the line of traffic behind me and the curvature of the road, there was no way I could have seen him in my rear view mirrors.

This idiot is an example of why cyclists are involved in so many accidents with cars. They think the road rules do not apply to them. They assume drivers can see and avoid them even when they are (illegally) where they shouldn't be. They have the arrogance to assume they are always in the right and that motorists are always in the wrong. In short, they take no responsibility for their own safety. This evening I am going to see Richard Dawkins speak - probably the greatest advocate of Darwinian science in the world - and that made me think about this breed of cyclist in Darwinian terms. They are excellent examples of natural selection in action because their early deaths will ensure their genes are removed from the pool before they can pass them on.

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