Friday, March 5, 2010

A bit rich coming from her...

Theresa Gattung says about Telecom salaries, "Now that I'm long gone I, with the rest of the country, wonder about the propriety of a company making half the annual profits it did a few years ago but paying its executives considerably higher salaries."

My God, that takes some gall. This is the lady who all but destroyed Telecom, who (according to one analyst) lost more value for Telecom shareholders every day she was CEO than her own inflated annual salary. The same lady who failed to read the very obvious political and economic trends that were driving the call for unbundling of services and increased investment in broadband. The same lady whose idea of business strategy was to commit hundreds of millions of dollars to yet another ill-advised Australian purchase and to an online shopping mall ten years after online shopping malls failed worldwide. At least the current management team is responding (albeit slowly and inadequately) to the political and market winds of change that she, Canute-like, ignored.

This lady was New Zealand's least successful CEO in terms of value lost and she should be ashamed to show herself in print or in the news media ever again.

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