Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bin-liner Continues Global Warming Propaganda

As Whale Oil points out in his blog here, the New Zealand news media finally appears to be waking up to the global warming fraud that the rest of the world's media has headlined for a couple of weeks.

Not Wellington's Dominion Post, however. This newspaper, which some people refer to as New Zealand's Pravda but which I prefer to call the bin-liner, is today running a full front page article in its international section and three full pages in another section promoting the global warming myth and the political 'solutions' to it. There is, of course, nothing in the newspaper at all about the scandalous fraud that has been revealed at the Climate Research Unit in the UK or the misinformation coming from NZ's own NIWA institute. The DomPost couldn't have made it more obvious where it sits on this issue - clearly on the side of the fraudulent claims and the totalitarian solutions being adopted by our Government and others overseas.

It's too much to expect even moderately balanced reporting from this bin-liner. Mind you, I think bin-liner is too good a use for it. If it wasn't covered in bullshit already I'd use it in the toilet.

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