Sunday, June 14, 2009

What will I use to wrap the rubbish in?

I've given up newspapers. Finally. For some time now, I've tended to get most of my news online with RSS feeds from BBC, NZ Herald and Stuff, and I've been getting more and more frustrated with the print media. The local newspaper here in Wellington is the Dominion Post, which came into being about five years ago when the morning paper, The Dominion, was merged with the The Evening Post. The editors like to proclaim its success with self-congratulatory articles about its increasing circulation and that may be fact, but they've done it by turning a good broadsheet into a trashy tabloid-like rag. Banner headlines on the front page now proclaim social interest articles interspersed with political commentary rather than heralding genuine news.

I have long since given up on TV news and recently stopped listening to our public radio because it is slightly to the left of Mao Tsedong in its editorial policy, so I'm left with the wonderful, eclectic, catering-to-all Web as my sole source of news.

I don't feel I've lost anything at all.

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