Monday, August 1, 2011

As Good as it Gets?

I read the following in James Delingpole's blog on the The Telegraph's website today and it touched a depressing nerve:

"When Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were in charge Britain’s rapid and terrifying decline was still just about bearable. That’s because in those days you could console yourself that they would sooner or later be swept away by a Tory regime which would swiftly set about undoing all the damage they had done. But just look at the mess we’ve landed ourselves instead: I feel like a bit like a wartime Polish officer who has been rescued from the Germans, escaping execution by the skin of his teeth, only to discover that his liberators are the NKVD.

The worst of the many awful things about Cameron’s bastard Coalition is this: you know that where we are now is going to be about as good as it gets."

It is exactly how I feel about the John Key-led coalition government in New Zealand.

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