Friday, November 20, 2009

Anzac biltz on drunken violence - is this really necessary?

Police forces across Australasia have chosen a single weekend for a blitz on what they say is a trans-Tasman problem – booze-fuelled street crime, according to Stuff.

Is this really necessary? What does the drunken antics of hooligans on New Zealand streets have to do with Australia? Why would our police force need to cooperate with their Australian counterparts over what is purely a domestic issue?

This sounds awfully like coordinated thuggery on the part of the two countries' police forces, as if beating up young drunks on both sides of the Tasman legitimises it.

I appreciate we have a problem with binge drinking in this country but I also think that this highly-publicised and unnecessary campaign will do nothing to stop drunken violence but rather will provoke it.

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