Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Good and the Bad of New Zealand

I am feeling content as I sit in the salubrious rooms we have hired in Martinborough for the weekend, drinking fine wine, eating delicious snacks and looking forward to the slow-cooked Angus beef we have ordered from the chef for dinner. Thoughts of a $10 billion deficit, the ACC levy rises, new taxes, the recent battles we have had with city council officials, and all the other distractions of daily life in Godzone are pushed far to the back of the mind.

The thing is, life can be so good in this little country of ours. And you don't have to be Bill Gates for it to be so. We should be grateful for such an idyllic existence.

I just wish the politicians, the bureaucrats, the social scientists and the media pundits who try to make us all adhere to their idea of what a good and just society should be, would just leave us alone to enjoy the one we already have!

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