Tuesday, July 14, 2009

$406M for 1/4 mile of road

The NZ Government is to spend $406M on a short piece of road in Auckland. All 440m of it - that's the old quarter mile! What are they paving it with - gold bricks? This apparent bargain, which is being paid for mostly by those who don't live in Auckland, will make it slightly quicker for the people of the North Shore to drive their cars into the central city. I don't normally find myself in accord with the Greens but I'm with them on this one - what a complete waste of money! Christ, spend it on trains, buses, donkeys and carts...anything else has got to be a better and cheaper solution to Auckland's transport woes than a $406M quarter mile sprint track for one-person-per-car Aucklanders to get to work!

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